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Unified Endpoint Management

Delivering the promise of a unified digital workspace

Manage all your endpoints, from a single place


Supported Platforms
  • Android

  • iOS

  • macOS

  • tvOS

  • Fire OS

  • Windows Mobile Devices

  • Windows Laptops and Desktops

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Unlock a range of management capabilities

Manage, secure and control endpoints
  • Hexnode MDM offers comprehensive support for devices running on multiple platforms such as AndroidiOSWindowstvOSmacOS from a single console.

  • Designed to support all ownership models including BYOD, COPE and more.

  • Rapid deployment of devices via Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Android’s Zero-touch deployment and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

  • Deploy configuration profiles on devices, control access to corporate resources, enforce security policies specific to your organizational needs.

Most secure choice for content collaboration
  • Deliver critical documents, images, media and other files over-the-air to thousands of devices simultaneously.

  • Supports multiple file types.

  • Enforce controls to keep documents from being shared outside the network.

  • Integrate Dropbox for Business with Hexnode MDM to securely access your corporate documents on devices. Deploy Dropbox automatically to devices upon enrollment, control the applications that can access Dropbox, remove Dropbox from devices upon retirement.

  • Secure access to corporate emails, calendars, contacts and more.

Secure data while at rest and on the go
  • Enforce users to set password that meets the complexity requirements of your organization by configuring strong password policies for devices.

  • Safeguard employee security and privacy with iOS Business Containers. Business containers isolate IT applications that can only communicate with each other. This ensures that personal data remains personal and is kept separate from business data.

  • Create work profiles on Android devices by enrolling devices in Android Enterprise (Android for Work) program. By deploying work profiles on devices, corporate data is kept separate from personal data and the work apps are identified by a badge. You can remotely manage the work profile. This is particularly useful if your organization supports the use of personal devices (BYOD) at work.

  • Selectively wipe corporate data from devices in the event of device being lost, stolen or is retired.

Manage any platform, any device

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Trusted by SMBs to Fortune 100 companies around the world

Comprehensive Mobile Application Management solution
  • Comprehensive mobile application lifecycle management support to procure, distribute and update in-house and third-party apps while blacklisting non-productive apps.

  • Distribute apps purchased from Google Play Store, Windows Store and Apple’s App Store to devices or integrate your Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account with Hexnode MDM to streamline bulk app deployments.

  • Containerize applications to alienate corporate apps and data from personal apps and data on BYOD.

  • Enforce access control by enabling single sign-on (SSO) for apps inside the container and enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies such as copy/paste restrictions, managed open-ins and so on.

  • Wrap apps to associate an additional layer of management and security controls to your apps.

  • Distribute personalized/consistent app catalog to devices, push app configurations silently to devices, configure per- app VPN, force apps to be mandatorily installed on devices.

Minimize costs, maximize productivity
  • Monitor and control mobile data usage, track calls on your managed devices with Hexnode MDM’s Telecom and Expense Management solution.

  • Configure data usage restrictions for devices or for individual apps for a specified time period.

  • Trigger automatic alerts to admin and the user when the data usage limit exceeds the pre-configured threshold.

  • Block mobile/Wi-Fi data on the device when the data usage exceeds the set data limit.

  • View Wi-Fi/mobile/total data usage reports for individual devices.

  • Track and audit the call volume on your managed devices. View detailed call summary reports for Android devices.

Access Controls, Device Security and Compliance
  • Configure device restrictions in Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices to match your business requirements.

  • Detect app, network and device vulnerabilities and remediate mobile threats with Hexnode’s Threat Defense mechanisms.

  • Deploy work profiles on devices to isolate business apps and data from user installed apps and data.

  • Enforce device encryption and protect data using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.

  • Securely manage data and apps on iOS devices with per-app VPN, single sign-on (SSO), Managed Open In options.

  • Remotely wipe business data from lost, misplaced, retired or non-compliant devices.

  • Helps you comply with the workstation and device security guidelines defined by HIPAA, PCI and other federal and industry regulations.

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