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Kickstart Your Paperless Process with SOTI Snap

Imagine you’re in a highly regulated industry which requires strict documentation that must be saved and can be recalled or requested by a government or regulatory body at a moment’s notice.

Now imagine you have 100 locations throughout the country and each one averages 100 documents to be filled per day. That’s 10,000 forms and 20,000 sheets of paper to be printed, filled out and stored; and that can have a negative impact in a variety of ways:

  • IT’S EXPENSIVE - It costs $20 (USD) to file a single document. Generating 10,000 documents costs $200,000 in storage costs.

  • IT’S RISKY - 70% of organizations would fail within three weeks if their paper documents were lost due to a catastrophic flood or fire.

  • IT’S BAD FOR THE EARTH - It takes 30,000 cups of water (that’s 7,098 liters or 1,875 gallons) and 1.3 trees to make 20,000 sheets of paper.

Using those numbers, ask yourself how much does paper cost your organization, both financially and in terms of environmental impact.

The SOTI Snap PDF Mapper introduced in SOTI Snap 4.1 lets organizations digitize the paper-based forms critical to daily business processes on both Android and iOS devices through an app. Once the app is created, it works on both operating systems. There’s no need to build one version for Android and another for iOS.

As for the form, it still has your corporate logo, branding and any other pertinent details. But you no longer need to print it out repeatedly, fill it out by hand and find somewhere to store it. Instead, paper goes digital for speed, accuracy and convenience.

The SOTI Snap PDF Mapper also allows you to add rich data, such as images, to your form; thus, enabling the collection of even more helpful, detailed and accurate information for your records.

It’s the perfect tool for organizations transitioning to paperless processes.

The Problem with Paper

The more paper documents are generated, the more potential problems there are:

  • There’s no guarantee that each document will be filled the same way, which leads to data inconsistency and can cost a business up to 25% of its revenue

  • Sharing handwritten documents is risky as 70% of workers can’t read their colleagues’ handwriting, so there’s no guarantee that information will be perceived, understood or acted upon correctly

  • Locating a paper document takes time (18 minutes if it’s filed properly and 120 minutes if it isn’t) and money ($120 (USD) to find a misplaced document and $220 to reproduce a lost one) which would be better served elsewhere

Digitization Without Frustration

The SOTI Snap PDF Mapper eliminates these issues easily and quickly. As noted in the video above, once you build a SOTI Snap app using the same fields from your paper form, here’s what you do next:

  • Upload a PDF version of your paper form to the app, which now becomes the canvas for your digital form.

  • Now that you have your canvas (the uploaded PDF form), it’s time to add the data fields you need using SOTI Snap’s drag and drop interface. For example, if ‘Driver Name’ is a field, you would drag that data field from the app to wherever Driver Name appears on the form.

  • Decide where you want your completed forms to be stored (options include Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, FTP, Gmail and e-mail).

  • Publish the app and deploy it to your workforce.

Now the magic happens and thousands of paper documents become digital, improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your business processes. Data collection is digitized, which ensures information consistency regardless of who is using the app. Document storage is centralized and automated, which makes it easy to locate and review older files. Additionally, going digital helps with any environmental initiatives your company has and drastically reduces printing costs too.

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