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InvGate Assets

InvGate’s IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities include everything that you would expect from a fit-for-purpose ITAM and software asset management (SAM) tool plus so much more, including a seamless integration with InvGate Service Desk for better issue resolution.

InvGate Assets Overview


IT asset management is often an underappreciated corporate IT capability, with far more focus placed on IT service management (ITSM) activities and the need to keep the business running rather than ensuring that the right level of IT assets is being employed in doing so.


Consequently, companies might be wasting a significant amount of their IT budgets every year due to the lack of insight into IT asset expenditure and use.


Good examples of such wastage include new expenditure on hardware and software when existing assets could be reused, paying third-party support and maintenance for IT assets that aren’t being used (including over-procured software), and continuing to host, maintain, and support assets that should have been decommissioned long ago.


However, savvy IT organizations know how to use IT asset management tools, techniques, and data to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on IT assets, decrease the overall cost of ownership, and reduce risks such as software license compliance.


Asset Inventory

Track and Manage Assets

Asset Monitoring

Monitor and Control Changes

Software License Management

Optimise License Usage

InvGate Asset's Key Capabilities include

IT Financials

Gain control over budgets

Software Metering

Optimise Software Usage

Software Deployment

Reduce Asset Waste

InvGate Service Desk

InvGate’s service desk capabilities include everything that you would expect from a fit-for-purpose IT help desk or service desk tool plus so much more, including a seamless integration with InvGate Assets for better IT asset management.


Service Desk Overview


Modern businesses run on IT. And the increased business importance of technology has in turn elevated the importance of IT support, the IT help desk or service desk, and the use of IT service management (ITSM) best practices.


The flip side of this is that IT support has become a more difficult task. Not only is there more IT to manage, and potentially more end users to support, business expectations of IT support continue to rise.



Thus the pressures on help desks and the people that provide IT support – such as insufficient hours in the day, a wider range of technologies, or struggling to meet the growing expectations of end users – are growing and they need to find a way to “work smarter, not harder.” Technology can definitely help, with a fit-for-purpose service desk tool being the perfect way to alleviate the pressure, to benefit from automation, and to efficiently share knowledge among IT support staff.

Available as both an on-premise or SaaS solution, InvGate Service Desk is ITIL-aligned, with key capabilities including:

Ticket Management

Manage your incidents

Knowledge Base

Build and share knowledge

Problem Management

Get Proactive


Employ best practice


Analyse your efforts


Prioritise IT Operations

The InvGate IT service management (ITSM) solution has PinkVERIFY certification for four key ITIL processes: incident, problem, and change management, and request fulfillment.

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