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Your Gateway for Better IT

From SME to large enterprises, InvGate improves IT support efficiency and customer experience with an integrated Service and Asset Management platform.

InvGate Service Desk
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Service Desk

Incident, Problem and Change Management

Streamline IT Support

InvGate Service Desk empowers your support team to deliver outstanding service, with an intuitive ticketing solution, workflow automations, and ITIL-ready functionalities.

Service Desk Overview

InvGate Service Desk is a true multi-department support tool, with end-to-end automation and business analytics for continuous improvement. It centralizes the interaction between IT or any service area and the end users, guaranteeing total control from a single console.


The tool facilitates and improves visibility over request management, in such a way that collaboration and customer satisfaction increase. InvGate Service Desk provides detailed records of the proceedings of each incident; reports and emails notifications so you have a 360° view of the help desk activity. You can build your own Knowledge Base so that users can find their answers in an article, improving self-service, and also design your own workflows, create custom reports or dashboards, and manage your help desks and groups.


For more efficiency, InvGate Service Desk is ITIL-aligned, using industry best practices to meet customer needs. Its drill-down design, the social network format, and the intuitive interface make it a truly powerful Business Intelligence Solution.

Available as both an on-premise or SaaS solution, InvGate Service Desk is ITIL-aligned, with key capabilities including:

Ticket Management

Manage your incidents

Knowledge Base

Build and share knowledge

Problem Management

Get Proactive


Employ best practice


Analyse your efforts


Prioritise IT Operations

InvGate Insight
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CIs and business application management

A Unified View of Your Assets Inventory

Discover and centralize everything you need to know about physical, virtual, and cloud assets in a single platform, laying the groundwork for building a CMDB and a normalized catalogue.

InvGate Insight Overview

Discover connected Assets across your organisation. Have a unified inventory of all network-connected IT assets – across workstations and servers, network appliances, mobile devices, cloud instances, and IoT devices – with the ability to access data and insights related to individuals and groups of assets.

Control IT Security Compliance - detect whether assets meet the security standards expected by your organisation and other external compliance needs, flagging up the assets that need attention.

Populate Your CMDB - InvGate discovers and centralizes everything you need to know about your physical, virtual, and cloud assets – removing the need to access different silos of data to build and maintain its configuration management database.

Integrate with Service Desk - Improve your IT service delivery, from more effective management of issues and requests to improved change control and flow, by integrating Insights with Service Desk.

InvGate Insight and the improved visibility it offers into your IT estate, including cloud services and IoT devices, will help your organization on a number of fronts.


InvGate Insight Key Capabilities include

Asset Inventory

Track and Manage Assets

Asset Monitoring

Monitor and Control Changes

Software License Management

Optimise License Usage

IT Financials

Gain control over budgets

Software Metering

Optimise Software Usage

Software Deployment

Reduce Asset Waste

The InvGate IT service management (ITSM) solution has PinkVERIFY certification for four key ITIL processes: incident, problem, and change management, and request fulfillment.

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