Let's explore some success stories

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Larry Taylor, Senior Network Engineer for Whitfield County talks about how Kaseya has helped his small staff of 6 efficiently provide 24/7 support to the sheriff’s department and fire department and maintain 99.9% uptime for a user base of 1100.

Whitfield County Georgia, USA

As Malaysia-based Touch ‘n Go ventures into new business areas, VSA by Kaseya enables remote troubleshooting of issues with the POS machines, saving them cost, time and resources. VSA also allows the electronic payments provider to actively monitor assets remotely. Watch to see how VSA impacts the daily business of Touch ‘n Go Ventures.

Touch 'N Go Ventures, Malaysia
Objectivity Inc.,  USA

Success Story for Objectivity, Inc. a big data analytics software producer, solved random server slowdowns for their QA teams.


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