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Global Asia Sinergi x Murni Solusindo Nusantara x V2 Indonesia | Exploring Business Collaboration

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) & Remote Monitoring Management (RMM)

  • IT Assets Management (ITAM) & IT Operations Automation

  • Cloud Services& Optimisation

  • Cybersecurity Solutions

Initiated joint planning session & business collaboration with Murni Solusindo Nusantara who has line of businesses as below details :

  • Digital Business Transformation

  • Customer Experience (CX) Solution

  • Digital Signage with Al & CMS

  • Digital Forex Rate Display

  • Digital Wayfinding/Directory Solution

  • Digital Retail Solution

  • EDC and POS Terminal

  • Ergonomic Solution

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Centralized Maintenance Service

  • Teller Cash Recycler (TCR/TAU)

  • Multi-denomination CDM

  • Digital Payment Solution

  • Cash Processing Solution

  • Cheque Processing Solution

  • Self-service Banking Solution

  • Visual & Automatic Signature Verification System

  • Digital Healthcare Solution

  • Banking & Office Equipment

And V2 Indonesia who has specialty in :

  • Business Industry

  • Consumer Industry

  • Digital Industry

  • Event Industry

  • Automation Industry

To make an impact for the ICT industry as key enabler in any vertical line of businesses.

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Unknown member
May 22

Strategic partneship as key milestone for the company and makes key diffrentiator to the market and businesses

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