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Our Mission

To be the foremost provider of cutting-edge IT Service Management & Automation solutions in the ASEAN region. We are committed to empowering businesses across ASEAN with innovative technologies and exceptional services that optimise IT operations.  Through our client-centric approach, expert team and tailored solutions, we aim to forge lasting partnerships with organisations. Together, we strive to unlock the full potential of IT excellence and propel businesses towards a successful future.

Our Story

Inception and Commitment to Excellence

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionise the IT landscape and empower businesses with the tools and expertise to thrive in the digital era. Established by a team of passionate IT Professionals, Global Asia Sinergi was born with a firm commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We recognised the immense potential of technology in reshaping businesses and set out on a mission to bring world-class IT solutions to organisations across ASEAN.

Building Trust and Partnerships

From the outset, we understood the significance of building trust and fostering strong partnerships with our clients. We firmly believe that success lies in collaboration, and our client-centric approach is at the core of everything we do. We take the time to understand each organisation's unique needs, challenges, and aspirations, tailoring our services to deliver solutions that perfectly align with their objectives.

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Leaders in ITSM and RMM Solutions

Over the years, Global Asia Sinergi has evolved into a leading player in the ITSM and RMM space, garnering recognition for our expertise dan innovative approach. Our expert team comprises certified professionals with vast experience in IT service management and remote monitoring.  Together, we possess the knowledge and skills to tackle complex IT challenges, from streamlining processes to fortifying cybersecurity and optimising IT infrastructure.


Empowering Growth and Efficiency

We firmly believe that technology is the key to unlocking businesses' true potential. Our comprehensive suite of IT services, including IT Service Management, Remote Monitoring and Management, Cloud Solutions and CyberSecurity, is meticulously designed to empower growth and drive efficiency. We help organisations confidently navigate the digital landscape, making informed decisions and staying ahead in the competitive market.


Driving Digital Transformations

In an era of rapid technological advancement, embracing digital transformation is no longer optional but a necessity for businesses to thrive.  Global Asia Sinergi serves as a strategic partner in this journey, guiding companies through the complexities of IT adoption and implementation.


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Experienced Leadership

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