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With SOTI SSO Support, Managing Lots Of Passwords Won't Be A Big Headache

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are widely used in many organizations across numerous industries. The first SSO solutions became available in the late 1990s, and since then, the market has grown significantly.

Managing multiple passwords can be a real headache. Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies account access and enhances security. Why has SSO become such an integral part of business operations? Here are five reasons you should use SSO in your organization :

  1. Say Goodbye to Password Overload - The average business user has 27 passwords. SSO turns dozens of hard-to-remember passwords into a single set of credentials. This makes things easier and faster, as the average employee spends 36 minutes per month on password entry alone.

  2. Strengthen Your Digital Defense System - Over 80% of security breaches come from password exploitation. SSO reduces the number of endpoints hackers will try to crack. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) alongside SSO adds an extra layer of protection and further reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

  3. Easily Share Devices Among Workers - Sharing devices where devices can be used by multiple employees (e.g., shift workers) is a smart way for organizations to reduce Capital Expenses (CAPEX) by up to 66%. With SSO, workers can log into shared devices and the apps they need at the start of their shift and be instantly productive.

  4. Time is Money and SSO Saves Both - In healthcare, for example, SSO technology saved employees across 19 hospitals over 943 hours and saved an organization over $3.2 million (USD). Quick access to essential apps without toggling between different logins helps prevent costly workflow interruptions.

  5. Make Life Easier for Your IT Support Team - Between 30%-50% of help desk calls are password-related, and it costs enterprises $70 (USD) to reset a password. Companies spend 500+ hours per year on password resets. IT teams are busy enough and SSO lightens the load by reducing reset requests and minimizing login issues.

SOTI Supports SSO

The SOTI ONE Platform integrates with SSO solution providers to streamline efficiency, boost productivity and enhance security for frontline workers :

  1. SSO for Microsoft Shared Device Mode : Workers get the speed and convenience of SSO when accessing Microsoft mobile apps such as Outlook and OneDrive while organizations get the cost-saving benefits of buying fewer devices and sharing them among employees. At every step, critical data is kept safe and secure as the device passes from worker to worker and shift to shift.

  2. SSO via Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA) : Healthcare workers can quickly and securely log into shared devices via MDA to access apps which are critical to creating a positive experience for patients.

  3. SSO via SOTI Identity : On its own, or in conjunction with Identity Providers (IdPs) such as Microsoft Entra ID, OneLogin or Okta, SOTI Identity facilitates an efficient and seamless SSO experience for all native and web mobile apps which support SAML (security assertion markup language) or OIDC (OpenID Connect) authentication.

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